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  • Thank you Gillian Lewter very much
    We were in search for an Immigration Law firm, we came across Gillian Lewter, Lewter Law Firm P.C. As we were greeted, we felt so welcome, and a sense of comfort to know that our Immigration needs will be taken care of. Mrs. Lewter has been our lawyer for 4yrs, She and her staffs have been outstanding. If you are in need of an Immigration lawyer, please contact Lewter Law Firm P.C. Thank you Gillian Lewter very much for all of your services, expertise & guidance. Best Regards, Eugene Farrell & Benny Sierra

    - Benny S.

  • I would like to thank the Lewter law firm
    I would like to thank the Lewter law firm For their amazing job representing me. Gillian was on point the entire time and never missed a beat. If you need someone to help in your litigation then you came to the right place.

    - Nunya

  • Gillian is an extremely talented attorney

    I am writing this letter of reference for Gillian Lewter. I had the pleasure of having Gillian as my attorney and she was amazing.  She has an exceptionally strong eye for detail that has been a benefit to my case on more than once occasions. She also has a very calm demeanor which helps to work well under pressure. Gillian’s strong sense of organization helped her to always gain the upper-hand in court and come off strong.  Gillian is an extremely talented attorney who cares a great deal about her clients and her firm. Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.

    Sincerely, Alexander Beckles

    - Alexander B.

  • Thank you Gillian! and your amazing team!
    Free consultation, very informative. Throughout my trail Gillan always took the time to explain things and gave me an idea of what to expect! I would recommend to all my friends and family! Thank you Gillian! and your amazing team!

    - Amy R.

  • she is the best of the best
    I'm very happy meeting my lawyer again, after the last time she fait for my en court, about my divorce, she is the best of the best.

    - Fernando S.

  • I highly recommend them
    I'm very grateful for the treatment that was given to me at Lewter Law Firm, for their professionalism and kindness that is not very common in a lawyer. They handled my case very well and there was always a quick response. I highly recommend them. Thank you!

    - Kitty

  • We are very grateful to you
    Gillian is such a sweet caring attorney, she is so down to Earth and was a pleasure to work with, even in the most unpleasant months of my life!! One of her best qualities is that she gets straight to the point and divides importance from irrelevance, She is very tell it how it is and I love that about her! She was very engaged in my case and when speaking to her I always felt so comfortable.. She closed my case on March,2 after the other party remained persistent on trying to continue dragging it out, Thanks to her I can finally put all of my focus into my future and family rather than drama in the court room! Gillian was always very upfront and honest with me from start to finish I hope that I won’t need to hire another attorney anytime in the near future But if I do she will definitely be my first call Thank you so much Gillian And I wish you all the luck and blessings with your future cases and clients Stay well 💕 My silly little ones we took them to froyo and McDonald’s as a little celebratory We are very grateful to you 🌸🌸🌸

    - Kim M.

  • I truly only have good things to say about Gillian
    I truly only have good things to say about Gillian and her staff. Gillian accepted to represent me on a very ugly custody battle case. Gillian handled every curveball my ex and his lawyer threw at us with grace and at the same time no mercy. She made sure to always stick up for what i wanted. She was available constantly to answer any of my concerns and questions. I can not thank her enough for helping me get through this. I seriously recommend her services

    - Amanda W.

  • I only have nice things to say about Gillian Lewter
    I only have nice things to say about Gillian Lewter. She was able to get things done that others could not. Very caring and professional. I truly recommend her.

    - Linda T.

  • I highly recommend her services.
    Excellent attorney. Professional, honest, and cares about the community. I highly recommend her services.

    - Rosa O.

  • Mrs. Gillian Lewter is extremely professional and personable
    Mrs. Gillian Lewter is extremely professional and personable. She goes above and beyond her job. She has such a comforting spirit that makes you feel secure and relaxed. She is very knowledgeable and truly cares about her clients.

    - Tracey

  • I highly recommend her
    Gillian Lewter has legally represented me for approximately two years. She is such an amazing attorney. She gave personal care to me, which comforted me through the course of my entire court case. She was easily accessible whenever I needed her and she was affordable. She is willing to set up payment options for her clients, which many attorneys are not willing to do. She is a very understanding person and tries her absolute greatest to bring justice to her clients. I was confident in Gillian's abilities as an attorney because someone I knew recommended her to me, and she definitely exceeded my expectations. Gillian is an honest person, a powerful attorney and  an overall amazing individual. I highly recommend her for anyone who is looking for an attorney who takes every case personally and seriously.

    - Shayan W.

  • Needed help resolving a marriage
    After 39 years of being married. I thought I could do a divorce myself. More obstacles seem to get in my way. I knew I needed a divorce attorney. When I called to schedule an appoint with Ms. Lewter and met with her the next day. I knew she was going to be very helpful. Everything that I needed to get taken care of was taken care off by. Things other people said that couldn’t. Ms. Gillian is very professional and extremely pleasant. Without a doubt I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

    - Linda

  • She was always prompt, courteous, attentive, creative when needed and hard working.
    Ms. Lewter accepted to represent me in a very complicated divorce. Her expertise was really needed as my ex-husband lives in the Middle East. Her recommendations to not only bail my child support but she insisted on including add on’s for the children’s extra curricular activities was something I never even knew could be done . Ms Lewter understood my high anxiety and spent time to update me on her recommendations to proceed. She represented me very well and advocates for my children’s current and future needs. She was always prompt, courteous, attentive, accretive when needed and hard working. I truly recommend her services as she has great insight on how to proceed, especially if your going through a difficult divorce, custody and child support case. Thanks again for alllllll you did!!!

    - Former Client

  • Thank you Ms. Gillian Lewter for everything you have done.
    I would like to say Ms.GIllian Lewter was phenomenal in my custody case. I went from not seeing my one year old daughter for the first months of her life to having joint custody, and I just want to say thank you Ms. Gillian Lewter for everything you have done.

    - Jumal W.

  • Tremendously knowledgeable
    I had been dealing with an ongoing issue for a few years with my parent's estate and after a brief consultation, I gained so much clarity and ultimately a resolution to the issue. The expertise, wisdom and knowledge that Lewter Law Firm displayed was unbelievable. I cannot thank them enough and would absolutely recommend them!

    - Jay S.

  • Heart of Gold
    Thank you for your expertise and dedication to my case! It’s not often one finds an attorney who actually cares.

    - Heather

  • Hard Work and Continued Effort
    For the past three years you have been a wonderful person and law firm that represented me with some of the most difficult cases that I've had I have a physical disability and you went to the courts and got cases dissolved and the judge and the counseling got them resolved very quickly and all beneficial to my case I must thank you for all the work that you put in and the continued effort to be a wonderful law firm thank you and have a great and successful business.

    - Kurt

  • Going Above and Beyond
    Thank you for going above and beyond to help my sister last night. I know it is your duty, but I wanted to express my gratitude!

    - Viktoria

  • Shes Done So Much for My Family

    Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and my family. Words can't even begin to express how thankful I am. I know this whole mess you walked into was wild but you have been an angel sent to me. I thank God I bumped into your law firm info on the internet when I was hopeless and looking for help. I know there's not much a man like me can offer (other than paying my bill LOL) but I'm in debt to you with gratitude.

    - Joel

  • I just want to thank you for what you’ve done for me and my mom. The guardianship was finalized on 20 August. I would highly recommend you for legal services. 

    - Former Client